Shallow Thoughts

because deep thoughts smack of effort


Posted in by Bridget on December 3rd, 2007

About this blog:

Deep thinking isn’t my forte. I don’t have the energy, stamina, patience or focus to do it. So, I’m going with what I have:

Surface level observations. Pithy quips. Smarmy sayings. Nonsensical musings.

Some might be relevant to what’s taking place in modern culture and current events. Some may be applicable to life’s struggles and triumphs. Mostly, I’ll probably base the material on what other people are doing, because they are far more entertaining than I.

You never know. It all depends on what moves me to write anything down. This might just be a failed experiment.

Only time will tell.

About me:

My mantra is that whatever is offered needs to be as user friendly and intuitive as possible. I don’t think that the latest web hotness should be limited to techies and geeks. I think all things should be designed with non-savvy people in mind.

But that’s just me.

I am passionate about sites and apps being designed using best practices in web standards. I also care that designs are usable on various devices.

A couple of friends and I co-founded an annual Web Design and Development conference in Cleveland called Rustbelt Refresh.

I am a Core Team member of the Cleveland Web Standards Association. We actively evangelize web standards and gather often and on to share best practices.

I currently work at Vitamix as the Senior Front End Developer. I previously worked for Within3 as a User Experience Designer focused primarily on the company’s mobile offerings. Before that, I worked at Sideways where we built apps targeted for iPhones and iPads. Prior to Sideways, I worked as a contractor at Cleveland Clinic in their Interactive Marketing department, focused on the main website and microsites.

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