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Ehrmergerd Twitter is Doooown!

Posted in Nonsense,Personal Declarations by Bridget on June 21st, 2012

You’d think that when Twitter goes down, productivity would increase. Not so. In fact, productivity declines even more – evidenced by my refreshing Down Right Now repeatedly just so I will know when it is back up!

This is a trick I learned in playing video games. You go to any server status information outlet and refresh, refresh, refresh so you can be first back on the server. It’s hard to break certain habits…

Ampersand Art

Posted in Nonsense by Bridget on May 6th, 2010

Silly things one can do with Baskerville’s Ampersand:


Part Panda. Part Poodle. Pandoodle.


Simple Snail

Nothing fancy. Just a snail.


Red Hot Chair

Fancy Chair. Simply done.


Swirly Flower

5 ampersands rotated around. Shrug.


Walrus by request

Highly coveted walrus. 2 ampersands.



Posted in Nonsense by Bridget on November 27th, 2009

A simple game: Go to supplements for pets
the address bar in your favorite browser, and type one letter. Start with “a”, end with “z”.

A -
B -
C -
D -
E -
F -
G -
H -
I -
J -
K -
L - http://localhost:8888/
M -
N -
O -
P -
Q - (nothing)
R -
S -
T -
U -
V -
W -
X - (nothing)
Y -
Z -

A few of the above reflect some recent work I did on a website project and services they wanted to include.

Other lists to look at:
Tim Van Damme (the guy to blame for this game)
Andy Clarke
Brad Dielman
Elliot Jay Stocks

Stewart Summer Blockbuster Series

Posted in Nonsense by Bridget on July 29th, 2008

My husband Scott and I classify new movie releases based on how we intend to view them. We either plan to see them at the theater or we will wait until they are released on DVD. We are not alone employing this classification system, as I have run into many other people who do the same. There has been a disturbing trend in the past few years where we plan to view most movies when they come out on DVD. Going to the theater had become a rare event. Not much seemed compelling enough to spend the extra money or endure the company of strangers to experience it via the big screen.

This summer was different. We were compelled to see six! In this post, I will give a brief review of each of these movies without any spoilers whatsoever. (more…)

It Shouldn’t Be Like This

Posted in Nonsense,Web Stuff by Bridget on January 15th, 2008


3:10 to P.U.-ma

Posted in Nonsense by Bridget on January 10th, 2008

Hollywood doesn’t offer much in the way of movies that wow me anymore — at least, not in a positive way. I still love watching movies. I just find it few and far between that I watch a movie I love.

Tonight’s installment, a movie we borrowed from a friend, was 3:10 to Yuma, starring Russell Crowe (Ben Wade) and Christian Bale (Dan Evans). My husband and I were watching it without our usual banter in which we mock stupid plot points or complain that the background music is drowning out the dialogue. That was until the movie comes to its climax. This movie wasn’t great, but it didn’t actually suck up until the end. Then, it fell apart and fell apart fast. I’m not going to go into spoilers or anything, but suffice it to say it became preposterous that events would have unfolded as they did.

Before seeing this film, I didn’t realize that it was remake of a movie from 50 years ago starring Glenn Ford (Ben Wade) and Van Heflin (Dan Evans). I discovered that fact when I went to IMDB to find out why I recognized the actor who played Charlie (Ben Foster) in the current version. Upon learning that this movie was a remake I had to ask myself — WHY?

Admittedly, I didn’t see the 1957 version and sometimes creative liberties are taken when remaking a film. I can only hope that this is what happened and that it went horribly awry. Otherwise, I would like an explanation as to what prompts filmmakers to go with a story in which the plot crumbles a second time. Why go to that well? Moreover, what were Russell Crowe and Christian Bale thinking when they read the script?! Did they really get to the part where the climax begins (and sucks) and think, “Oh yeah! I gotta make this film.” It’s not like these two guys are hard up for work or anything.

Really, what is Hollywood thinking?

Where has Mugsy gone?

Posted in Nonsense by Bridget on November 26th, 2007

When last we saw Mugsy, he was looking to hitch a ride to Hollywood. Being in the back hills of Tennessee he was picked up rather quickly by some rednecks willing to help him along. (more…)

Mugsy Heads West

Posted in Nonsense by Bridget on November 10th, 2007

When we last saw Mugsy, he was very sad. He had been abruptly separated from Eric. With harmonica in hand, Mugsy ventured forth from a Tri-C classroom and hopped a train west to seek adventure and fame after being forgotten by his former owner. (more…)

What will become of Mugsy?

Posted in Nonsense by Bridget on November 8th, 2007

At the November Cleveland Web Standards Association meetup, Brad Colbow shared with approximately 40 attendees how he goes about styling a website using CSS. He was the third presenter since we started having monthly workshops as a group.

Considering that he was preceded by Eric Meyer and Jason Morrison during earlier meetups, Brad really held his own as a presenter. If you are interested in the content of his presentation, you can view the files at his blog, and read Dana’s recap. (more…)