15 Best Team Communication Tools for Businesses In 2021

Communication tools refer to any software, service, or app designed to help team members or remote workers interact or interact. In the case of remote teams, a business communication software is important because they are useful in bridging the gap between traditional in-person work and remote work.

Benefits of using team collaboration tools for internal communication

The benefits of using team communication tools include the following:

  • Staff engagement increased
  • Improved productivity
  • Better working relationship
  • Ability to automate
  • knowledge sharing
  • Quick response

List of the best team communication tools

Regardless of the size of the company, internal communication can be a difficult business. To make sure you choose the best option, we have narrowed down some options for you to choose.

1. Spike

Spike Communications Equipment

It is one of the best conversational email app with the goal of helping to unify all your communications in one place. It includes chat, email, team projects and everything in one place that prevents you from switching between apps and thus saves your valuable time. Spike turns your regular email into a chat thread, making communication clear, quick, easy and concise.


Personal account is free to operate. While the Pro account is available at $ प्रति per account / month. If you have a large team, you can request a quote from the Spike Sales team.

2. Monday


Monday is more than the most terrible day of the week. It is a project and team management platform that allows you to create dashboards and track team progress.

Determine the due date, time and activity progress for a project. You can assign a task to team members to know which activity is in charge. Equipment is the same for managers and teams.


Pricing is based on the size of the organization, with pricing ranging from two users to 200+ users ranging between $ 17 / month to $ 2,500 / month.

3. Staffbase


Next on the roundup list for the best communication tools is the staffbase. It is an employee app and allows you to send messages, share and push notifications. In addition, it can also be used to conduct employee surveys.

The app packs a user-friendly interface and provides a great way to communicate with employees and team members.


Pricing of this application is available upon request.

4. Slack


It is a messaging platform that makes communication through the entire organization quick and easy. Apart from messaging, you can also make VoIP calls, video chat, send files and search chat history.

Work with everyone more easily using the following:

Channel: Stay organized and focused with conversations, tools, files and spaces for people

connect: Collaborate with other team members in the same way that you do with teams.

message: Become a team player with Chat for Business. Be efficient and organized to help you and your team work together

Voice and video call: Meet with other team members more efficiently through video conferencing. It is easy to join eye to eye and share information efficiently

You can also create channels for different teams to communicate. It is available on desktop, computer and mobile.


The standard plan starts at $ 6.67 / month and is suitable for small to medium businesses. The Plus plan starts at $ 12.50 / month for businesses with large requirements while custom quotes are available for large enterprises.

5. Jhoom


Zoom provides audio, video, screen sharing and messaging, making it all in one solution for online video calls, host meetings and more. It is compatible with all devices and is loaded with features such as zoom room for optimal video conferencing.

More features from your meeting like:

Virtual Background: Like you’re anywhere with Zoom’s virtual background. Set a new background to eliminate or highlight branding.

Calendar Integration: The fastest way to schedule your zoom meetings is to sing a scheduler extension with your existing calendar system.

Waiting Room: Make sure you know who attends your meetings by enabling waiting room functionality.

Multi-Share: Real-time collaboration with Zoom is easier than ever.


The basic version is free to use, while for smaller teams the Pro plan starts at $ 14.99 per host / month. In the case of small to large companies, plans start at $ 19.99 per host / month.
Review: 4.5 stars out of 5

6. Wire


It is a cloud-based desktop and mobile application that provides instant messaging and VoIP features. The application is available across devices and allows data synchronization of chats.


The Telegram app is free to use for communication and sending files and other data.

7. Thoughtformer


ThoughtFarmer is based on intranet software service and aims to boost productivity by focusing on internal communication. It provides a variety of features including communication tools, project management, document management, and social features.

Apart from this, it also provides data hosting, onsite hosting and cloud hosting.


Pricing is based on company size. Cloud hosting starts at a $ 4 flat fee / user, while onsite hosting starts at a $ 89 flat fee / user.

8. Trello


It is an online bulletin board that allows you to create project cards and move through columns on the board. Trello is great for organizing and tracking continuous progress on tasks and projects. Project cards can help you click through to collaborate and add frequent comments, add files, and see the latest updates.


Basic plan is available for free while business class plan starts at $ 9.99 per user / month. To take advantage of the enterprise plan, you must request a bid.

९. Google Hangouts

Google hangout

Another excellent team communication tool is Google Hangouts. Make your video and voice calls easy with Google Hangouts. You and your team can easily hold meetings from anywhere and anytime.


The best thing is that the tool is free to use and Google has a backup.

10. Jostle


It is a cloud-based intranet software. If you do not know what an intranet is, it is a secure and private network that can be accessed by employees of a company. Jostle focused on “making room for anything and everything in the organization”. It helps you to build culture in an organization, promote communication and find the necessary information easily.

It is available on the iOS and Android apps and includes features such as JostleTV that allow news broadcasts.


There are two pricing schemes: required and complete. Both are based on the number of employees in the organization.

11. Extinguish


Quip is a business communication software that allows teams to collaborate, create spreadsheets. Documents discuss the progress of the project through checklists as well as instant messaging. Users can work on documents from anywhere, anytime and are available on both desktop and mobile. Quip emphasizes its ability to help teams to do more work when there is less need for email as well as meetings.


The Starter Plan is available for $ 10 per user / month, the Enterprise plan is available for $ 25 per user / month and the Quip for Sale is available on a custom quote.

12. Cisco Vibex Teams

Cisco Vibex Teams

This business communication software does a little bit of everything. The Cisco Team is an app that allows group messaging, video calls, file sharing, VoIP calling as well as instant chat through whiteboard features.

The tool is available on desktop and mobile and helps integrate with other digital business tools.


Contact us for pricing.

13. peep


One of the best communication devices on the list is glip. The great thing about software is the emphasis that everything they bring to the table is unlimited. It offers unlimited storage, unlimited users as unlimited projects, posts and guest users.

Glip allows voice, chat, video calling, and file-sharing organized by tasks, projects, and management within teams. It provides screen sharing to ensure long distance meetings, and options such as use on desktop, iOS and Android apps.


The basic version is available for free while the premium version is available for $ 5 per user / month.

14. Basecamp

base camp

It is team management and project management software. Basecamp focuses on bringing all scattered methods of communication into one place to help your team communicate easily.


The equipment is available for $ 99 / month.

15. Microsoft Team

Microsoft team

The Microsoft team is a communications platform application and allows video calls, instant chat and file sharing. This is great for streamlining communication when working in a small group.


The original version of Microsoft Team is available for free. As a part of Microsoft Office, 365 plans range from $ 12.50 per user / month to $ 20 per user / month.


While we have listed some of the best communication tools, the pros and cons will depend on your usage requirement and functionality for your organization.

If you are looking for free communication software, you can try Telegram. It provides facilities for sending, communication and creation of groups related to specific teams.

Finally, you need to base your decision on the budget, proposed functionality, and its usefulness for your organization.

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